How does the Land Link Montgomery Program work?

The Land Link Montgomery is a program run by Montgomery Countryside Alliance, an organization dedicated to promoting sound economic, land-use and transportation policies and programs that preserve the natural environment, open spaces, and rural lands in Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve for the benefit of all Washington Metropolitan area residents.

There are many different models and examples of successful land link programs throughout the U.S.  Land Link Montgomery is only beginning to gauge interest for the programs within the County and the Metro region.

To become a member requires you fill out an application specifying if you are an interested land seeker or an interested land owner.  You can obtain either application through our Apply page.  There is a one time $30 administrative fee to belong to the Land Link program.  The land seeker application assess things such as level of experience and goals.  The land owner application assess the kind of land available, housing, acreage, vision, and goals for the property.

A list of land seekers and land owners (who can only be contacted by program members) are kept on-line to browse.  The applicants are assigned an identification number in order to keep their identity anonymous.  Land seekers and land owners will be able to locate farms/farmers of interest based on matching sets of criteria and shared goals.  If a participant is interested in conversing with another program participant, they can contact Land Link and be given the appropriate contact information.  The land seeker and landowner can then start a conversation and get to know each other.