Landowners Seeking Farmers

Land Owners Seeking Farmers/Partnerships (newest first, matched properties last):

7053 Landowner Seeking Farmer
We have available about a third of an acre mowed, plus about an acre (?) in forest (with some down trees and brush) along a gully which we are pretty sure contains a spring head. It is suitable for table crops and if lessee is willing to do some clearing of brush and debris, probably suitable to raise poultry with possible access to water. There is no electricity available. Long term lease will be considered. The acreage fronts on Big Woods Road in Dickerson.

7018 Landowner Seeking Farmer (updated)
Over 20 acres available
Lovely, rolling hills on a small road on the Boyds/Dickerson line (technically, Dickerson).
There are two small run-in sheds, and an unfinished barn, 16’ x 24’. Land divided into three pastures (18
acres total) by a field fence-electric fence combination. Could be divided into more pastures for better
rotation. We have three goats.
There is an area for a large vegetable garden (40’ x 50’) and some smaller ones (15’ x 35’ and 15’ x 20’);
all of these gardens have room for enlargement. We have had chickens as recently as last fall, and that
area could be easily revitalized for a new flock.
We are flexible in what a farmer could do: cattle, small livestock, organic produce, etc. We are open to
different kinds of farming being done on the land. Sustainable farming that takes care of the land is
The pastures could be farmed by different farmers seeking to accomplish different goals.
Walkout basement apartment (with independent entrance and private kitchen and bath) could possibly
be available for rent.
Lease terms flexible.

7049 Landowner Seeking Farmer
I have 8-10 acres of fenced pasture in Dickerson. My neighbor has 20 acres, about 8 of which are currently in hay. We are looking for a livestock farmer with experience in regenerative grazing practices who would use both properties and rotationally graze.  We each have waterers on our land.  His waterer needs repair.  Both properties are fenced with need of some repair. I have an open equipment shed and a bank barn.  Long term lease available.

7044 Landowner Seeking Farmer
9+ acres, mostly open field with gentle slopes, and a small wooded area, in Damascus near Clarksburg/Germantown, zoned RE-2C. Formerly a corn field, but it’s lain fallow for over 20 years. Public water and electricity are available but not set up. Currently no fencing or housing. Soil is Brinklow-Blocktown channery silt loam.
Seeking farmer with organic sensibilities, practicing regenerative agriculture, permaculture, etc.

6019 Farm Partnership (Updated) 

Market Garden available for Rent

This plot is ready for you to get going with growing. The production set-up is turn-key with all parts in place: 8,000 square feet of irrigated garden, 800 sq ft of irrigated flower garden, 30×72 High Tunnel, and the associated set of hand tools, row cover, insect netting, trellising etc. 25hp tractor with bucket/forks available. BCS tiller and 2” tilther. Wash-pack area and 8×10 cold room. 50’ of LED lights & shelf space for transplants. Soil tests look good! Lots of compost has been added. Small amounts of various perennials established. Use of carpenter’s shop, pottery studio and studio apartment negotiable.

You bring the energy and drive. We’ll help strategize about marketing, promotion, and distribution.

Why are we doing this? Because we want to help the local food movement in a big way!

6097 Landowner Seeking Farmer
2 to 3 acres of open field and forest edge in Boyds available for sustainable table crop producer. Partially fenced, currently in grass. Flexible as to details and eager to talk about possibilities.


6089 Landowner Seeking Farmer
Looking for an experienced farmer to till and plant Alfalfa/Red Clover/white clover to make bales, growing vegetables and place beehives. Rent or co-partner. Small Apiary on-site looking to expand 


6082 Landowner Seeking Farmer
2+ acres in Darnestown, partially forested, though was damaged by the Derecho 7 years ago. Clay loam suitable for floral crops – peonies, hydrangea, etc. Possible tree crops – persimmons, paw paws or ginseng. Owner would like most trees to remain as this is watershed, but is open to suggestions. Owner considering co-operative arrangement. Only ethical and serious folks need respond.

6062 Landowner Seeking Urban Farmer Interns
Koiner Farm, a one-acre urban farm in downtown Silver Spring, seeks seasonal interns to work under the guidance of an experienced urban farmer. This is a great opportunity for college and/or high school students interested in urban agriculture.  Internship offers college credit, SSL hours or a small stipend (stipend is reserved for second-term interns). Internship commitment is 4 hours per week for 12 weeks.  Koiner Farm is located 2 blocks from the Silver Spring Library and 0.7 miles from the Silver Spring metro station.

6025 Land Owner Seeking Farmer
Updated: Landowner in Eastern Montgomery County has approximately 6-8 acres of open fields (not fenced) that is currently being taken over by honeysuckle and sticker bushes.  Fields have just been mowed and looking for someone who would either like to graze sheep or goats on a temporary basis with portable fencing—or even better, someone who would like to plow the fields and plant grain for animals or some sort of cover crop.

Matched: 6077 Landowner Seeking Farmer (updated)
Land for lease in Dickerson. 28 acres of (electric) fenced pastures available- divided as follows:
2 pastures of 6 acres, one 8 acre and one 12 acres.
All pastures have access to shelter and water. The 12 acre pasture is fairly flat, suitable for planting, and can be accessed directly from the road.
The soil is Manor chancery silt loam and the pastures have been limed and
We are interested in leasing to someone who practices regenerative agriculture- rotational grazing methods to maintain the health of our pastures (and their animals!).
The lessee can have access to 12X 20 shed space for storage, and one horse stall in the barn.

Matched: (Updated) 6068 Landowner Seeking Farmer Lease available in near Poolesville with up to 25 acres.  There were 52 (50’) heavily composted, no-till beds in production which have been partially used the past two seasons. Lots of room to expand. Existing field blocks are on gentle slope with southwest aspect. Also included are a solid well system with a new pump and a small barn with power and a 6’x6’x8’ walk-in cold room. *A shared unheated 14’ x 50’ hoop house is also on site as well as a small apiary.Additional pastures and buildings with water and electricity where we would consider small livestock for rotational grazing or chicken tractors. Open to thoughts but priority on health of animals and the environment.

Matched! 7037 Landowner Seeking Farmer
5 + acres in Poolesville MD. We are looking to convert our land from conventional farming to natural and eventually organic farming. We are looking for a farmer who shares our views about natural and organic farming. We are open to discussion regarding the potential crops. Land is available immediately for spring planting season. Soil has been limed at present. Currently raising chickens so natural manure is available.
Land is not currently fenced. Deer fencing can be discussed. Water is available at the center of the property.
Limited storage at present, however, a shed can be added to the property.
We are open to discussion and ideas!

Matched! 7024 (Updated) Landowner Seeking Farmer
1-2 acres depending on your use in Dickerson. Sunny field available for crops or pasture. There are some 30 year old Concord Grapes vines you can tend and use. Field is on a wooded branch of the Monocacy. You are welcome to use half the garage for tools and electricity. Open to an agricultural well being installed as well as a designated gravel driveway for you. Shared housing option available. 

Matched:7018 Landowner Seeking Farmer

30 acres available for lease in Dickerson (20 pasture, 10 forest) amenable to livestock/produce. Interested in a 3-5 year lease to start. Possibility of basement apartment.

Matched! 7003 Landowner Seeking Farmer
Land Owner looking for a farmer and business partner.
About the land: Approximately 4 acres, relatively flat, no trees, and currently a giant lawn with the standard mix of turf, crabgrass, and clover. Barn/storage not currently available, but considering building. Plenty of parking available. Regular source of wood chips and leafgro compost (40 yards per year).
About the utilities: Electricity available and water on the property. May need to trench in order to get water supply to the growing areas(s).
Tools: Kubota B-Series tractor with loader, mower, tiller, and hiller attachment. Most carpentry tools (table saw, miter saw, drills, etc.).
About you: Experienced farmer who understands growing table crops, flowers, and/or trees. Background check will be required, drug-free, etc. In short, a self-starter, no drama, and looking to be a business partner. Sales experience both B2B, farm to market, or farm to consumer would be ideal.
About me: I have a full-time “day job”, however, am passionate about producing local, quality food. I am an avid beekeeper and expanding my apiary. This will be part of the business model. I am in the progress of setting up a website which will showcase and sell the grown products, as well as beekeeping and gardening supplies. I will be able to help, but will not be able to put in the standard farmer 40-80 hour weeks.
Business partnership: To be discussed. Ultimately, this farm must be profitable to be sustainable. I also understand that you, as the primary farmer need to pay bills and support your family. Any agreement will be equitable – if both of us aren’t happy, it’s not worth moving forward.
Please note: I am not looking to lease or sell. This land is my personal home for myself and family. Looking for a true business partner who has the expertise, but may not be ready to take loans/risk to start their farming venture. This could be a great opportunity for the person(s). Thank you for the consideration.


Matched! 6079 Landowner Seeking Farmer
Looking for someone(s) interested in permaculture/ sustainable farming on a small scale- (3-5 acres). I’m just beginning to think about possibilities. I would like to support someone’s dream or build community or exchange for help with current workload. My interests are soil and edible forests. The farm is mostly quite hilly with one area of flat land bordering wetlands. The barn is in full use with rescue livestock and chickens. 

Matched! 6078 Landowner Seeking Farmer
Unique opportunity available for leasing approximately 15-18 acres of land at no cash cost. Interested only in farmer with demonstrated experience in regenerative agriculture. Nonprofit owners’ goals include: farmer earning profits, documented increases in carbon sequestration, educating County, farmers and interesting public in results.

Matched! 6077 Landowner Seeking Farmer
Land for lease on Big Woods Road, Dickerson. 32 acres of (electric) fenced pastures available- divided as follows: Two pastures of 6 acres, one 8 acre and one 12 acres. All pastures have access to shelter and water. The 12 acre pasture is fairly flat, suitable for planting, and can be accessed directly from Big Woods Road. The soil is Manor chancery silt loam and the pastures have been limed and mowed. We are interested in leasing to someone who practices regenerative agriculture- rotational grazing methods to maintain the health of our pastures (and their animals!). The lessee can have access to 12X 20 shed space for storage, and one 12×12 horse stall in the barn.

Matched! 6048 Landowner Seeking Farmer Flexible-lease, farmland in Brookeville, MD. One acre of cropland and 4 acres of fenced-in land available on a 23-acre farm property. Outbuilding space. Chicken coop. Active bee hives. Separate well. Cropland was used for flowers approx. 7 years ago and mowed since. A small herd of sheep/goats have lived on the fenced land for 10 years.

Matched! 6050 Landowner Seeking Farmer
For Lease/business partner- I am the new owner of a Historic home on 6 acres with a medium sized barn and carriage house. The land has not been in use for over 5 years. I am looking for someone that would like to put the land to use in any way. Lease terms flexible.