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Update: We hosted a Land Link Landowner Info Session on 3/24 – you can see the recording here.

Thinking of leasing your land through Land Link? Start with our Landowner info sheet here.

Land Link in Action: Maryland Farm and Harvest provides joyful profile of Dodo Farms – Expertise from the land in Nigeria , Land Linked in Brookeville through Land Link.

Land Link Montgomery aims to “link” beginner and experienced farmers with available land and farms within Montgomery County, Maryland and the Greater D.C. Region. Launched in late 2011, we are proud to be part of the aggregation of effort toward ensuring a vibrant, working landscape in our region.

There are many challenges facing young and expanding farmers in Montgomery County: extraordinarily high land prices, a decrease in funding for programs that help young people afford farms, and not having farmland in the family.  As the demand for local food grows and population increases, it will become even more imperative to fortify and strengthen the local food system.  Local food systems depend on local farmers and local land to survive. Land Link’s vision is to offer a program that links aspiring and expanding farmers to landowners through a simple database, ensuring that Montgomery County is continuing to build a strong local food system. Got questions- Our FAQ page.

Click here for Profiles of Matches and other Land Link news. 

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Recent Links:  500+ acres linked to date!

-A new medicinal crop has been linked with 115 acres of land/structures by sale!

-A seasoned international farmer finds land to grow distinctive crops from home

-A horse sanctuary finds a “stable” home.

An experienced farmer was matched with 2 acres for table crops in the eastern county.

– A long time apprentice farmer has found land to start an educational farm for kids with developmental disabilities- in time to plant for spring!

-A forested back lot now hosts a ginseng farm- who says all farms need flat, sunny ground?

-A personal chef has partnered with a farm-based nonprofit to grow the finest food for his clients.

-2 Reserve properties with South Mountain Creamery in Frederick County

Printable Land Link Brochure (pdf)

Also – nice mention in this front page Washington Post article by Steve Hendrix.

Profiles of 2 Land Link Matches – Passion to Seed Farm and Dodo Farm

A flock finds a new home on new pasture

Northlane Capital Partners is a proud sponsor of Land Link Montgomery
Northlane Capital Partners is a Montgomery County-based private equity firm. We support MCA because it is right in our backyard and because we believe in its mission of supporting sustainable agriculture and protecting the natural environment in Montgomery County.”