Tools for a Successful Search -Landowners

Thanks so much for your interest in Land Link. We are here to help you find a farmer to help grow the next generation of farmers in Montgomery County and beyond.

There are a few things to consider before you start your land search. So please read through this before you click on the application at the bottom of this page.  None of this is meant to dampen your enthusiasm for finding a farmer, but going into a search with realistic expectations will ensure a more successful match.

  1. Take some time to think about your property and goals

Your land is your investment, perhaps your home and certainly your legacy. While getting as many new farmers growing as possible is the goal, it is worthwhile for you to take the time to think through your goals for entering into a land match. A great place to start is the free resources in the  landowner toolbox at Land for Good along with a Drafting Lease Question Sheet.  Many other resources are listed for landowners on the PA Farm Link site. 

Land Link staff would be happy to come out and look over your property to help you think through possibilities. Get in touch at

      3. A Land Link search is not a guarantee of finding a farmer. 

While we will connect you with farmers seeking land there is no guarantee that you will find a match through Land Link. Much like a dating site, we are a portal to make connections but a fulfilling relationship is not a promise we can make. We will do our very best to help you craft a compelling listing, send your information to possible matches and promote your listing through social media.
Some ways you can make a match more likely:

– Take advantage of the planning resources listed above to have real clarity on what you can offer.

-Reach out to lots of different farmers to broaden your search.

-Be patient, finding the right match can take years but the right farmer partner is worth waiting for.

-Most important – Communication.

Communication with Land Link: Land Link is an email based program, please return emails to the Land Link coordinator in a timely fashion, even if you are not interested in the listing being offered. While the one-time membership fee is forever, farmers and landowners will have to respond to an email check-in every 6 months to keep their listing active on the site. We do this to ensure viable and current listings.

Communication with Farmers: Once you are meeting with a potential land match, it is important to be open and honest about your vision and plans. This also means crafting a lease that outlines all the particulars of the agreement. (Lease Building tools here) Like any solid relationship, open communication can stop disagreements before they start. You’ll want to have clauses in writing that govern what happens when conflicts arise. Like any tenant relationship – you may want to check references – particularly if you are leasing housing to the farmer as well.

With all that out of the way – if you are ready to apply to seek a farmer through Land Link, you can start the application online here. Or click here for the Landowner Seeking Farmer  application  to fill out and send in (pdf)

Once you have completed the application we will be in touch by email to discuss your listing and at that point we will share a link to pay the one time membership fee ($30). Once the application and fee are taken care of we post your listing and you can start contacting farmers.

Thanks for your interest in Land Link!