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Farmer Seeking Land 7042
Farmer/herbalist with about 4 years of experience working on farm sites and personal gardening is seeking to lease a quarter to half acre of space to grow herbs to create tea blends and other value added products to distribute in DMV. Access to water for irrigation is a necessity. Studio or apt available on site is ideal but not necessary.

Farmer Seeking Land 7041
Farmer with 10 years experience seeking to raise sheep and goats meats for the greater Ethiopian, Eritrean and other communities including restaurants. I would have like max 5 and minimum 2 acres.

Farmer Seeking Land 7039
Part-time regenerative farming enthusiast with one year of farming experience looking to lease 1/2 to one acre of land to start a bare-root nut tree farm, ideally in PG or Montgomery County.

Farmer Seeking Land 7038
Farmer with decades of experience looking for a piece of land to grow jicama, beans, corn varieties, radishes, cilantro, or other foods culturally appropriate for the Central American community. Open to smaller acreage.


Farmer Seeking Land 6074 (updated)

A Nonprofit Forest Farm: A Project for Permaculture and Peace.

My family (spouse and 3 kids) is looking for a farm (5 to 10 acres or more) to purchase or lease (long-term preferred) in Montgomery/Fredrick/ and/or surrounding counties. We have had over 10 years of farming experience. Our plan is to create a Forest Farm based on the principles of regenerative ecology, permaculture, and peace. We will grow herbs, mushrooms, and some fruit bushes such as blueberries naturally (with no or less tilling) and probably offer agrofarm, ecological and peace education programs. We also plan to raise a few animals, such as chickens/ducks/goats and keep bees. Our preference would be the land with access to water, electricity, and some portion of woods and alleviation. However, we are open to discuss any other similar opportunities.

Farmer Seeking Land 7036
GotYourSix is a service disabled veteran woman owned hyper-local urban farm. We differ from many other urban farms (like indoor warehouse farms, urban greenhouses, rooftop farms, and small plots of land transformed into farms) by providing year round consistent access to high quality table crops such as lettuce blends, herbs, and flowers. GY6 firmly believes our farming method provides the best combination of protection from natural elements, cost effective production, and reliable crop yields that will make urban farming a profitable venture now and into the future.

We are Army veterans with 10+ years of experience and grew up around farming our whole life. Our farm will support our local community, our veteran brothers and sisters, and will help ensure access to affordable crops year round locally. We are looking for any size acreage to support our dream, veterans, church and community. Partnership, shared space, multifamily farming or any idea is worth a discussion.


7034 Farmer Seeking Land

WANTED: Land to lease With 7 years farming experience I am looking to lease a fertile piece of land like 2 acres where African cultural vegetables can grow. I am doing this for business and also to assist my community such as Maryland food bank and poor families that cannot afford organic vegetables. Access to water is preferred. Willing to start in this spring 2022

7033 Farmer Seeking Land
Local building project manager with three others totaling 5 years farming experience looking to grow fruits and/or vegetables to supply our growing food-coop of over 100+ members.

7030 Farmer Seeking Land
My wife and I are looking to buy an affordable property for agriculture land either in Montgomery or Frederick counties. We would prefer the property has at least 5 – 10 acres, this can be subject to change based on the price and location of the property. I have not officially been a farmer but I grew up on a farm with a majority of my experience from family farming.

7028 Farmer Seeking Land
Local chef with 3 years farming experience looking to do a small scale pastured poultry, swine and goat operation to give my customers the best food from start to finish. Hoping to also add an aquaponic system to the operation. We would prefer just 5 acres or less.

7027 Farmer Seeking Land
Compost Crew is looking to partner with farms to divert food scraps from the local community and make compost to improve crop yields. We are interested in leasing or buying at least a half acre of land for our composting program. Access to electric and water, a skid steer, and asphalt or concrete pad is a big plus.

7026 Farmer Seeking Land

We (my wife, daughter and myself) have a herd of beef cattle that are looking for more pasture to graze on. With 10 years of cattle experience, we currently operate a cow/calf operation with some farm to table steers. We are open to areas within 20 miles of Dickerson, MD. We can install our own solar electric fencing and make any improvements necessary.

7025 Farmer Seeking Land
BIPOC Beginner Farmer/Experienced Herbalist. Looking for 10+ acres mostly forested land with a creek to steward and rematriate. Would like to live on site and grow native plants/herbs.

7022 Farmer Seeking Land
I am a single schoolteacher seeking land to lease to raise a small flock of layer hens and ducks, meat rabbits, and a small herd of sheep. I would also like to have room for a market garden. I want to transition into farming but still need to work full-time as a teacher to support myself, so this would be more of a hobby-farm endeavor for the time being. Anything between 5-10 acres would suffice. I have one year of experience working on a local organic farm.

7020 Farmer Seeking Land
Seeking around 5 acres for cattle, sheep, and goat farm. Plans include engagement with disabled individuals. Fencing is important. If any farmer has cattle, sheep, and goat farm we are happy to join with them. We do not need products but opportunities for disabled individuals to intact with animals.

7012 Farmer Seeking Land
I am looking to start small sustainable vegetable farm near where I live (Bethesda), Size from 1/4 to 10 Acres

7010 Farmer Seeking Land
WANTED: Small Farm
A medical professional interested in organic farming, healthy eating and lifestyle is seeking a small farm to start farming organic food. Farm can be up to 10 acres. Housing on property is a plus. Flexible on terms with land owner.
Flat, tillable land with access to water is preferable.

7005 Farmer Seeking Land
Responsible, experienced grazer looking for land to graze.
We use soil building, regenerative practices and have improved land through grazing.
I have raised cattle since I was young, and want to pass on my knowledge and the great benefits of agriculture to my children.
I can install permanent fencing if a long term lease is in place.

6086 Farmer Seeking Land
I am looking for a land to start a corn and soybean farm. I am also looking for existing Corn/soybean farm who will let me come work to help on the farm, so that I can learn more. Willing to work for free.

 6069 Farmer Seeking Land

Well-established contract farmer looking for 3-5 acres of land primarily for dryland rice and grain production.  Must have access to water and flat tillable acreage.  Also looking for equipment storage space.  Other bonuses would include fencing to allow some vegetable production or use of hoop house.  We are looking for a long term lease agreement or possibly to buy if it’s the right property.

6045 Farmer Seeking Landowner
Individuals to start small fruit, flowers & vegetable farm in the Eastern Reserve or South-Eastern Poolesville area. Access to water and equipment, perhaps housing important. May be interested in earning income through composting. Enjoys, chickens, teaching, and learning.

6044 Farmer Seeking Landowner
Looking for 1/4 to 2 acres of farming land in the Gaithersburg or neighboring areas. Preferable to start with table crops but my vision includes commodity produce and organic chickens.

Recent Matches: 

Matched! Farmer Seeking Land 7040 (Updated): I am a farmer with six years experience commercially growing certified organic vegetables which is sold direct to customers through farmers markets in the DMV. The farm has been successful on the land I currently rent in Howard county, but I am looking for a larger piece of land closer to my markets (and friends and community) in Montgomery county. I am interested in renting or buying land or rent to own.

Matched! 7035 Farmer Seeking Land
I am an aspiring farmer looking to further develop my personal relationship to land management. I’m looking to start out with 1/4 acre of land to grow medicinal and culinary herbs for tea blends. This is a continuation of a project I established at the previous farm where I worked. Access to water is preferable, and space to create a drying station for herbs would be helpful, but not necessary.

I have 2 years of experience working full seasons on farms along with previous experience working on urban gardens and my partner, who plans to assist me with this project, has 6 years of farming experience with several years in management positions.

This is something I’m looking to move slowly into and further develop my plans as I deepen my relationship with the plants and the land, and gain a better understanding of what capacity there is for this project.

The hope is to create a sustainable system that includes selling veggies, herbs, and herbal products along with being able to provide a portion to local food banks, community fridges, and mutual aid projects around the DMV

Matched! 7031 Farmer Seeking Land
I am a beginning cut flower farmer looking to expand from my current urban plots. I hope to start planting for the 2022 season in the fall. Short term goals are a half acre to two acres of cleared land with access to water for planting annual flower crops. Long term I am seeking space that would accommodate polytunnels/a greenhouse and the planting of perennials and woody shrubs/trees. Though not certified, I use organic, no till methods and seek to improve the soil.

Matched! 7000 Farmer Seeking Land
 Farmer seeking land and or markets.
I am currently starting a wide variety of vegetables for the spring. I am interested in marketing several varieties of tomatoes and peppers to other farmers looking for plants this spring. Alternatively I plan to have a surplus of vegetables that I am trying to get into local markets or CSAs. Also any farmers interested in sharing space, I am currently spread on a few suburban lots and would be interested in more, or one central location. Please contact me with your thoughts and questions.

Matched 7023 Farmer Seeking Land
Ideally, I would like to lease a 5-10 acre plot near forest, long-term. We will produce native plants, small native trees/shrubs, and flowers for cutting as a cash crop. Montgomery Co. would be best, as I live in Potomac. Myself, my partner, and my 2 college age kids will manage the operation and provide all labor. Experienced grower, strong ethics.

Matched! 7006 Farmer Seeking Land
Small husband & wife team. Seeking 1-3 acres. We are expanding our poultry (egg/meat) business, to keep up with demand. Branching into apiaries and table crops. Ideally, we would like access to water. Electric is a big plus as well. We can bring coops/runs. Poolesville, Boyds, Dickerson. National Poultry Improvement Plan certified and vetted. Professional 20+ years of experience.

Matched! 7011 Farmer Seeking Land
Beginning farmer in Beginning Farmer Training Program looking for 1-5 acres for rent/rent-to-own close to Silver Spring/within 30 miles. Family to help with labor. Interested in ethnic crops & flower farming with low/no-till methods. Access to water, storage and greenhouse desired. Farmer was born/raised in MoCo. Non-profit background and interested in food justice.

7015 Farmer Seeking Land
WANTED: LAND TO LEASE: We are looking to lease a fertile piece of land 1-2 acres where African cultural vegetables can grow (sandy loam/friable clay). We are doing this for passion and to assist our nonprofit access organic vegetables for families that need food. Access to water is preferred. Willing to start immediately.