Farmers Seeking Land

Farmers Seeking Land (newest first):

7012 Farmer Seeking Land
I am looking to start small sustainable vegetable farm near where I live (Bethesda), Size from 1/4 to 10 Acres

7011 Farmer Seeking Land
Beginning farmer in Beginning Farmer Training Program looking for 1-5 acres for rent/rent-to-own close to Silver Spring/within 30 miles. Family to help with labor. Interested in ethnic crops & flower farming with low/no-till methods. Access to water, storage and greenhouse desired. Farmer was born/raised in MoCo. Non-profit background and interested in food justice.

7010 Farmer Seeking Land
WANTED: Small Farm
A medical professional interested in organic farming, healthy eating and lifestyle is seeking a small farm to start farming organic food. Farm can be up to 10 acres. Housing on property is a plus. Flexible on terms with land owner.
Flat, tillable land with access to water is preferable.


7009 Farmer Seeking Land
New farmer looking for opportunity to start small-scale farming small livestock such as goats, sheep and chickens.
I am 22 years old and was born and raised in Montgomery County. I am certified arborist and currently work for a local tree service. I also have barley malting business

7008 Farmer Seeking Land
Science teacher looking to transition slowly to farming. Interested in very small acreage and in a situation where you have experience (and can teach me how you’ve done things) but need help.  

7007 Farmer Seeking Land
Looking for 1-2 acres of land for sustainable vegetable & flower CSA. Irrigation or access to water is desired. Fenced in area and access to greenhouse would be a plus.

Matched! 7006 Farmer Seeking Land
Small husband & wife team. Seeking 1-3 acres. We are expanding our poultry (egg/meat) business, to keep up with demand. Branching into apiaries and table crops. Ideally, we would like access to water. Electric is a big plus as well. We can bring coops/runs. Poolesville, Boyds, Dickerson. National Poultry Improvement Plan certified and vetted. Professional 20+ years of experience.

7005 Farmer Seeking Land
Responsible, experienced grazer looking for land to graze.
We use soil building, regenerative practices and have improved land through grazing.
I have raised cattle since I was young, and want to pass on my knowledge and the great benefits of agriculture to my children.
I can install permanent fencing if a long term lease is in place.

7004 Farmer Seeking Land
A veteran is looking for 1-2 acres in order to practice what was taught during the VA Farm program for a retired PTSD soldier. Possible shed or small farmhouse to be able to keep the equipment. Water access will be a plus. Looking to plant vegetables and eventually increase productivity. 

7002 Farmer Seeking Land
Our young family is looking to find a piece of land or to buy an established farm to call home. We are interested in buying 50+ acres and intend to mix farming with our love of service. We are working with nonprofits to create programs like horticultural therapy and equine therapy. Housing is important. We also would be willing to rent-to-own.

7001 Farmer Seeking Land
Looking for pasture to lease for cattle. I would prefer 20 plus acres. I’ve been practicing sustainable methods of farming and rotationally grazing beef cattle for 5 years now. I have been involved in agriculture my entire life and am looking to grow my cattle business.

7000 Farmer Seeking Land
Single farmer with part-time business partner seeking home for 50 laying hens ASAP. Plan to jump start a two-year plan starting with pasture-raised meat chickens and laying hens, moving into a market garden, continuing to raise animals on pasture. Interested in 2+ acres, would be willing to educate, crop share, and/or cash lease the land in exchange for this opportunity. Both animals and plants would be raised with the local ecology as the top priority! Specializing in local and on the farm sales I believe that this could be a profitable enterprise for both earth, the landowner, and myself. 

6099 Farmer Seeking Land
Farmer looking for land to operate a drive-up nursery selling native trees and shrubs, wildflowers and organic vegetable transplants. A water source and small structure for storage are essential. Fenced-in land would be ideal, as would some tree cover for shade. All of my products grow in pots. Happy to share a larger plot with other farmers.

6098 Farmer Seeking Land
Looking for pasture and hay ground to graze cattle. Interested in rent to own or just a normal lease. We are open-minded, trustworthy, and very respectful.

6096 Farmer Seeking Land
We are a family of recent immigrants from Syria, where we owned a 3-acre farm (table crops and small livestock), until warfare forced us to leave. We would like to find approximately 3-5 acres of land to cultivate crops and possibly raise small livestock. Access to water, flat tillable acreage, and a long-term lease or renting-to-own are a big plus. The ideal situation would also include housing for our family, or would be located in the eastern part of Montgomery County to facilitate commuting from our current apartment in PG County.

6093 Farmer Seeking Land
Regenerative Agriculture farmer and art teacher seek land to host programs that connect young people to the earth in a playful and empowering way. We offer dynamic classes that include nature exploration, growing food, creative arts, mindfulness, and empathy. We are looking for 1-3 acres with access to forests, water, and a housing option.

6091 Farmer Seeking Land
Back yard chicken farmer looking to lease land to be able to expand the flock number for egg and chicken sales. I am also looking to start goat  and alpaca farming, and an apiary as well., Will need arable land to grow flower and vegetable crops for the bees. Barns/shelter are necessary for the chickens, alpaca,  and goats. Running water for the crops & livestock is necessary as well.  

6088 Farmer Seeking Land
Wanted: Land/Farm to buy or lease
Non-Profit seeks to rent to own or lease 2 or more acres for education farming and camp. We need access to electricity, plumbing, minor structure building agreement. Flexible on crop and/or livestock.

6086 Farmer Seeking Land
I am looking for about 1-3 acres for lease to start with, but a place that I can extend to 10 to 50 acres within 5 years. Sustainable vegetable CSA in between Frederick and 100 miles.
I am also open to partnership with an existing farm.
I am open to planting anything that is profitable.

6084 Farmer Seeking Land
 Wanted Land to Lease.
Two people who have combined 6 years of farming experience are looking to move current operation to a larger and more suitable site. We are very interested in permaculture ideals and use regenerative agriculture practices. We require access to water, electricity, and some sort of shelter for storage.

6080 Farmer Seeking Land

My partner and I are seeking a 10-20 acre farm to host skills-based classes, therapeutic retreats, and farm-to-table dinners. Our practices are regenerative, focusing on soil health as our number one priority. We will be planting diverse orchards, and using a small herd of livestock to manage the landscape. Housing is ideal.

6076 Farmer Seeking Land

We are a mid-40s couple looking for 20 acres or more to start an agritourism business somewhere between DC and Fredrick.  We have an interest in U-pick crops, table crops, commodity crops, orchards, cut flowers, chickens, sheep, horses, bees, and Christmas trees. One of us has extensive gardening experience and comes from a farming family.  We both have experience with agritourism in Europe.

6074 Farmer Seeking Land

As a nonprofit (Live Peace Tech), we are looking for a farm (1 to 3 acres) in Montgomery and/or surrounding counties. Although our first priority would be receiving the land as a donation, we will buy the land if it is not possible. We want to use the farm for educational purposes. Specifically, we will offer classes related to peace education, conflict resolution, Yoga, meditation, and permaculture. We will also teach children how they can become peaceful and responsible citizen of the world. We will connect children with nature/farming so that they are more interested in becoming a farmer and/or growing food and the local economy in the future. We have more than 10 years of experience in education and agriculture sector in the United States and Nepal. We want to fulfill our passion and dream by developing our own Peace, Permaculture, and Ecology Project. Thank you for your help and support


6073 Farmer Seeking Land

Personal farm manager with over 20+ years of experience is looking to create a new Dairy with a focus on education with modern technologies(robots), breeding prize-winning dairy cattle and potentially making cheese or other dairy products. Seeking 20+ acres.  Have a great management team in place and would help create a one of a kind farm that would be an amazing tourist and education center! Or if you want some of the best breeding stock around and compete at a national and world level we could also do that! The possibilities are endless!

6069 Farmer Seeking Land
Well-established contract farmer looking for 3-5 acres of land primarily for dryland rice and grain production.  Must have access to water and flat tillable acreage.  Also looking for equipment storage space.  Other bonuses would include fencing to allow some vegetable production or use of hoop house.  We are looking for a long term lease agreement or possibly to buy if it’s the right property.


6066 Farmer Seeking Land
Looking for 6 – 12 acres of non-productive farmland. Wanting to work on rebuilding soil. Some of the land would be kept as wildlife habitat. Water (city or well) required. A house or zoning to build a house necessary. Lease to own preferred. 

6026 Farm Partnership

Looking for land owners that want to partner growing industrial hemp.

I have several hoop house farms, hydroponic equipment available. I have few funds so am planning to test as many strains this year as possible and gear up starter plant production in a greenhouse this year.

If land owner can fund plants this year, I would be willing to do a large planting. Preferably with several strains, as we don’t know which strains will do well in Maryland’s climate.

I am focused on automation to reduce labor costs as industrial hemp cultivation is very labor-intensive
6058 Farmer Seeking Land
We are looking to lease a home on 1+ acres in Maryland for diversified farming: fruit trees and bushes, brambles, vegetables, flowers, and a few goats and ducks. Tilled land not needed. We will never use chemicals.
6045 Farmer Seeking Landowner
Individuals to start small fruit, flowers & vegetable farm in the Eastern Reserve or South-Eastern Poolesville area. Access to water and equipment, perhaps housing important. May be interested in earning income through composting. Enjoys, chickens, teaching, and learning.
6044 Farmer Seeking Landowner
Looking for 1/4 to 2 acres of farming land in the Gaithersburg or neighboring areas.Preferable to start with table crops but my vision includes commodity produce and organic chickens.

6043 Farmer Seeking Landowner
Wanted : Land/Greenhouse TO Lease or Rent-TO-Own for Hydroponics. I live in Gaithersburg Maryland and I need one to two acres for planting vegetables using hydroponics method. I prefer Germantown or Poolesville or as close to Gaithersburg as possible. I can lease or willing to rent-to-own.
6030 Farmer Seeking Land 
Wanted: Farm to Buy Our family wants to purchase at least 10 acres of farmland preferably with outbuildings and fencing. Housing is important.
6029 Farmer Seeking Land 
WANTED: LAND FOR DONATION OR LEASE A Silver Spring based non-profit called The Harvest Collective is seeking land in any condition to start an edible landscaping nursery or turn into a diverse food forest. A space in eastern Montgomery or southern Howard County is preferable.

6027 Farmer Seeking Land
We are a family looking for 5-15 acres near 20905 for remote heritage/heritage cross pastured/woodland pork. Rotational grazing, not feedlot, can help reclaim pasture too. Semi-wooded ideal. infrastructure needs minimal. Long term goals to expand other heritage livestock products as well. Have business acumen and breeding stock- need land.

6023 Farmer Seeking Land
Non-smoking adult with well-behaved house pets seeks housing and farmland to rent. Need a minimum of 20 fenced acres of pasture, but more would be better. Barn for housing animals and hay; some stalls, run ins. Must be amiable to a variety of livestock. Willing to do animal care in exchange for reduced rent.

6022 Farmer Seeking Land 
A group of lifelong Mont. Co. Farmers & Land Managers are looking for available land to launch their new sustainable farming op w/ a focus on “Salatin Style” rotational grazing of grass finished beef, pastured broilers, eggs & more. 50+ acres

6014 Farmer Seeking Land 
Farmer seeking to rent or lease 20 to 50 acres for cow-calf grazing. We grass-finish on our farm and are looking for another field for our cow-calf operation. An open field with stout perimeter fencing and a central water source (preferably well with a hose hydrant) are needed. We’ll manage and maintain the herd weekly, and rotate the graze.

6005 Farmer seeking Land
We are a farm family looking for additional land to raise our Angus cows. We are open to both leasing and purchasing land. We are known for being exceptionally good stewards of our land and of our cattle.

6004 Farmer seeking Land
WANTED: LAND to RENT: Our local dairy farm is looking for tillable land suitable for planting field crops. We are interested in approximately 100 or more acres that are available year-round and long-term.